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Simply Remove Clutter 05-04-2007

"Thank you for the column ‘How To Prepare A Home For Sale’. We are planning to sell our home soon, but don’t have the time or energy to do many preparations. Do you have a simple list we can use as guidelines?” - A long-time Palisades homeowner

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How to Prepare a Home for Sale 03-02-2007

“I am quite confused after talking with two agents about selling our house.We want to get the best price we can, but this place needs a lot of work. One of the agents advised me to just list it and to do nothing before showing it to some buyers..."

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Escrow 02-02-2007

In many areas of the U.S., attorneys are hired to handle the property transfer process. In southern California, however, nearly all transfers are handled by an escrow holder. WHAT IS IT, AND WHY HAVE IT?

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Common Oversights 01-01-2007

There are many aspects that need to be considered in the marketing process as there is more to the sale of a home than simply putting an ad in the paper and placing a sign in front of the property. The following general steps of the home-selling process are mentioned here with the purpose of helping sellers avoid some of the more common oversights.

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Real Estate Q & A (Answers to 18 different questions) 10-02-2006

The purchase of property is a very significant act for many people. You have taken an important step by contacting a real estate professional to assist you with your transaction. Agency relationships are more satisfying to both principal and agent if all parties understand the scope of the responsibilities of each in the transaction.

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