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Sellers, Make a Good First Impression 04-01-2010

Selecting a home is not usually based on logic alone. Most buyers are swayed by the initial emotion they feel when they first walk through a property. Almost instantly, the home either feels right or feels wrong. That first impression can be the beginning of a successful sale, or it can be a detrimental factor that will have to be overcome. Good first impressions, feelings and emotions often control the sale, and logic can take a distant second place in the decision process.

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Serious Personal Issues To Decide Before Selling 02-01-2010

Before deciding which agent to entrust your listing to, you might benefit from considering several factors. There is much, much more to selling a home at top dollar than putting up a sign, entering it into the multiple listing service, running a few internet ads, and having other agents preview the property. There is also a great deal more to successfully completing the sale process without hassles than in obtaining a signed contract and opening escrow. There are many costs and pitfalls that an experienced agent can help you avoid.

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Inside the Minds: Real Estate Client Strategies--California 12-16-2008

Excerpt from the Book "Inside the Minds: Real Estate Client Strategies--California" (Nationwide Book published by Aspatore Books)

Chapter by Michael Edlen:


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How to Interview an Agent 10-03-2008

"Thank you for explaining the many differences between agents. We are about to list our home and want to hire the agent who will best meet our needs. Can you give us some questions to ask and what we should be looking for in their answers?”    -    A Palisades homeowner

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Home Sales by Sellers Who Are Splitting Up 09-05-2008

“Our daughter is getting divorced and plans to list their home with an agent she really likes from a parenting group they both belong to.  I feel the personal closeness may not be a good idea, but I don’t want to give her bad advice.  What would you suggest?” - A Palisades owner’s mother

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Dispute Resolution Alternatives: Mediation 09-01-2008

The Residential Purchase Agreement ("Contract") you are about to execute contains a "Mediation" provision. This mediation provision imposes a requirement on the buyer and seller to initiate mediation to resolve a dispute prior to entering into Arbitration or Litigation through the court system.

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Proposition 90 Revisited 09-01-2008

Many retirees and senior homeowners are faced with a dilemma. Their children have grown up and moved out.  So, do they stay in their oversized home and enjoy the benefits of a lower Prop 13-protected tax base or relocate to a smaller and perhaps newer home that better meets their current needs and be faced with a high property tax bill based on current “hot” property values?

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Why Use an Agent at All? 08-02-2008

“I’ve lived here for many years and every so often I see an ad or sign, “For Sale By Owner”.  Is it possible for you to objectively tell me how wise or foolish selling one’s own property without a broker might be?  I know the Palisades well, I have a lot of spare time, and I sure could save a lot of money by selling it myself.”

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Hire a Successful Agent 08-02-2008

Sellers and buyers tend to be very concerned about the quality of service that they receive and rightfully so when considering the importance of a real estate transaction.

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Best Friend as Real Estate Agent 07-04-2008

"We have two dear friends who are real estate agents. They all know we are planning to sell our home soon and we are dreading making a decision about who to use to sell it. Our house is worth over $1.5 million and we know we would be giving that agent an opportunity to make a big sale. Can you please help us decide which one to use, how might we bring this up with each of them, and how can we do this in a way that still keeps our friendships? Thank you for any help you can give us about this process.”

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