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Loan Shop Before Home Shop 06-01-2011

Special to the Santa Monica Mirror

The residential loan process has become tremendously challenging since 2008. Many escrows have been delayed or cancelled as a result of the numerous recent lender and appraisal restrictions that have impacted the loan process.

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A Recipe for Escrow Success 05-01-2011

Special to the Palisadian Post


Since my team has a relatively higher rate of successful escrow closings, 90% versus 75% local average, I have been asked what attributes have been found most helpful to this success. In thinking this through, I have identified several key ingredients that are most helpful. These need to be used in combination by both sellers and buyers in order for escrows to be successful.

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Home Searching on Own vs. With an Agent 04-01-2011

“We are helping our son with his first home (condo) purchase, and really think he should work with an agent through the entire process. He and his friends feel sure that he does not need to engage an agent until ready to buy, and then he might do well to work with the seller’s agent. Could you please share your thoughts about this issue and also about the various search sites that our son is intending to use?”   - A Local Homebuyer’s Dad

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On the Market vs. In the Market? 02-01-2011

Several months ago I was hired to sell a home here, and the owner decided to set the price approximately 12 percent higher than where we suggested the market would respond most favorably to. After months of very active marketing, many ads and open houses, and an eventual price adjustment, we were finally able to negotiate a lease with an option to purchase. That is an example of a home, which was merely “on the market”.

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Be Sure to Do Your Final Walk-Through Inspection 01-01-2011

The home purchase contract includes a period of time for the buyer to do any property inspections.  The buyer may reasonably disapprove of any conditions discovered during the inspection time.  Once the buyer has removed all inspection contingencies, the escrow continues until the date of closing.  All purchase contracts also include a provision enabling the buyer to do a final walk-through inspection before closing.  This inspection is not meant to be an additional contingency, but is to be sure that the property condition is as it should be according to the contract.


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Sell or Leave as Inheritance? 10-01-2010

I recently heard from two homeowners. One said, “I’m keeping this house for my children – but I don’t know if that’s the wisest decision.”  The other asked, “Do we leave the house to our children or would it be better to sell it now? We are thinking of simplifying our lives, and maybe do some traveling.  What are the arguments either way?” -     Two Palisades homeowners

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Common Mistakes Sellers Can Avoid 09-01-2010

I am frequently asked for suggestions that would help owners preparing to put their home on the market. The following are several mistakes that can be avoided and may make the difference between success and failure.

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Helping Your Children Get Started 08-01-2010

“Our college-age children are still single, but we would like to help them get started with owning real estate. Other than cash for a deposit, and waiting for the right time, what are the main issues and factors we should consider?”       - A local homeowner

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Have A Back-Up Contract 07-01-2010

“I have heard about ‘back-up’ contracts. How do these work and do they benefit buyers or sellers of homes?”    - A Santa Monica Homeowner

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Minimize Hassles In Selling Your Home 05-01-2010

In nearly all of Northern California and many other areas of the country, sellers provide a full set of inspection reports and disclosure information for prospective buyers to review before deciding to make an offer. This provides a high degree of peace of mind for both prospective buyers and sellers, since it minimizes surprises during a property investigation period.

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