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Liquidated Damages 07-01-2008

The Residential Purchase Agreement ("Contract") you are about to execute contains a "Liquidated Damages" provision. This provision if initialed by the parties is an agreement that in the event of a breach of contract by the buyer the amount of damages the seller will be entitled to receive will be limited to the amount of the buyer's deposit.

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Sell Your Home Faster 04-04-2008

Consider taking steps to make your home more attractive to potential buyers, if you're planning to sell it soon. Making your house appear as spacious as possible is one way to get buyers to see it as being a great value. Here are ideas on how to make your home look larger.

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Price At or Just Ahead of the Market 03-03-2008

The initial pricing decision always remains one of the most important decisions an owner will make after selecting the agent with whom to entrust the representation.

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Title Insurance 01-04-2008

Insurance in general is a contract whereby one party agrees to indemnify or reimburse another party for loss or damage that may occur under the terms and provisions of their contract. The contract is called an insurance policy. Unlike life or casualty insurance which insure on future events, title insurance insures against past events. It insures the ownership of the property and all matters pertaining to its past history.

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Avoid Home Sale Headaches 12-07-2007

“Several months ago you suggested ‘pre-inspections’ by the seller. Would you please explain why again? We thought buyers always do their own inspections.” - Longtime Palisades Homeowners


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7 Steps Before Selling 11-02-2007

“We plan to sell our home soon and appreciate the tips in your answers about what mistakes to avoid. It would also help us if you could give a list of all the steps to take in advance.”  -A long-time Palisades homeowner

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The Internet Empowered Buyer and Seller 08-03-2007

“I know the Internet makes it easy for buyers to identify homes that might suit their needs, but can they actually buy a home online? What role does the real estate agent play now?” - A curious Palisades homeowner

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Move or Remodel? 06-02-2007

“We bought our 2 bedroom home fours years ago when we were about to start a family.  Now that we are expecting a second child we need to decide whether to add a room on the back, convert the garage, or sell and buy a larger home. Our home is probably worth over 50% more than we paid. Can you give us some help in making this decision?” -A Palisades homeowner

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Simply Remove Clutter 05-04-2007

"Thank you for the column ‘How To Prepare A Home For Sale’. We are planning to sell our home soon, but don’t have the time or energy to do many preparations. Do you have a simple list we can use as guidelines?” - A long-time Palisades homeowner

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How to Prepare a Home for Sale 03-02-2007

“I am quite confused after talking with two agents about selling our house.We want to get the best price we can, but this place needs a lot of work. One of the agents advised me to just list it and to do nothing before showing it to some buyers..."

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