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A Look at Our "Rolodex" 10-19-2015

Many years ago a local doctor had asked if I knew anyone who could help him with a minor home repair. It led to conversation that concluded with finding him a great handyman as well as a creative contractor to consult with about a potential home improvement.  He was surprised at how much time I was glad to take to help and wondered why I would do that.

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5 Mistakes Some Sellers Make 07-01-2015

Special to the Palisadian-Post


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Today's Home Purchase Process 10-01-2014

Although the same contract forms are used in the selling and buying of a home, the process and timing are not at all the same. Sellers often decide to sell within a few months of actually putting their home on the market, whereas most buyers begin their search for a new home 6-18 months before they contact a real estate agent.

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The Home Sale Process 09-01-2014

Have you ever wondered how the home sale process works?  Of course, it begins with the selection of which agent to hire to do the job. This part of the process generally involves interviews with two or three prospective agents, selected based upon their presence in the area where your property is located.

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Seasoned Agents Offer A Myriad Of Services 09-06-2012

Many people think that all a real estate agent does is to list a home or property, have a sign put up, enter it into the Multiple Listing Service, show it when asked to (or have a lockbox with key access for key with other agents) and then write up a sales contract and process the escrow paperwork. The role of a real estate agent is far more involved and of vastly of greater significance than those are me minimum activities might suggest.

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What Is A Real Estate "Fiduciary? 12-01-2011

“An agent said that we should hire him because he would be a “fiduciary” agent. He explained that this meant he would give us all of the information we would need to make decisions and answer any questions about the sale of our home. Wouldn’t all agents do that?”  -    A longtime Santa Monica homeowner

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How To Determine An Agent's Integrity 11-01-2011

“How can I tell if an agent is honest, sincere, and most appropriate?”

-  A long-time Santa Monica homeowner

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Home Searching on Own vs. With an Agent 06-15-2011

 “We are helping our son with his first home (condo) purchase, and really think he should work with an agent through the entire process. He and his friends feel sure that he does not need to engage an agent until ready to buy, and then he might do well to work with the seller’s agent. Could you please share your thoughts about this issue and also about the various search sites that our son is intending to use?”   - A Santa Monica Homebuyer’s Dad

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How to Interview an Agent 10-03-2008

"Thank you for explaining the many differences between agents. We are about to list our home and want to hire the agent who will best meet our needs. Can you give us some questions to ask and what we should be looking for in their answers?”    -    A Palisades homeowner

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Why Use an Agent at All? 08-02-2008

“I’ve lived here for many years and every so often I see an ad or sign, “For Sale By Owner”.  Is it possible for you to objectively tell me how wise or foolish selling one’s own property without a broker might be?  I know the Palisades well, I have a lot of spare time, and I sure could save a lot of money by selling it myself.”

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