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Home Searching on Own vs. With an Agent 04-01-2011

“We are helping our son with his first home (condo) purchase, and really think he should work with an agent through the entire process. He and his friends feel sure that he does not need to engage an agent until ready to buy, and then he might do well to work with the seller’s agent. Could you please share your thoughts about this issue and also about the various search sites that our son is intending to use?”   - A Local Homebuyer’s Dad

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Be Sure to Do Your Final Walk-Through Inspection 01-01-2011

The home purchase contract includes a period of time for the buyer to do any property inspections.  The buyer may reasonably disapprove of any conditions discovered during the inspection time.  Once the buyer has removed all inspection contingencies, the escrow continues until the date of closing.  All purchase contracts also include a provision enabling the buyer to do a final walk-through inspection before closing.  This inspection is not meant to be an additional contingency, but is to be sure that the property condition is as it should be according to the contract.


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Helping Your Children Get Started 08-01-2010

“Our college-age children are still single, but we would like to help them get started with owning real estate. Other than cash for a deposit, and waiting for the right time, what are the main issues and factors we should consider?”       - A local homeowner

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Dispute Resolution Alternatives: Mediation 09-01-2008

The Residential Purchase Agreement ("Contract") you are about to execute contains a "Mediation" provision. This mediation provision imposes a requirement on the buyer and seller to initiate mediation to resolve a dispute prior to entering into Arbitration or Litigation through the court system.

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Hire a Successful Agent 08-02-2008

Sellers and buyers tend to be very concerned about the quality of service that they receive and rightfully so when considering the importance of a real estate transaction.

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Liquidated Damages 07-01-2008

The Residential Purchase Agreement ("Contract") you are about to execute contains a "Liquidated Damages" provision. This provision if initialed by the parties is an agreement that in the event of a breach of contract by the buyer the amount of damages the seller will be entitled to receive will be limited to the amount of the buyer's deposit.

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The Internet Empowered Buyer and Seller 08-03-2007

“I know the Internet makes it easy for buyers to identify homes that might suit their needs, but can they actually buy a home online? What role does the real estate agent play now?” - A curious Palisades homeowner

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Real Estate Q & A (Answers to 18 different questions) 10-02-2006

The purchase of property is a very significant act for many people. You have taken an important step by contacting a real estate professional to assist you with your transaction. Agency relationships are more satisfying to both principal and agent if all parties understand the scope of the responsibilities of each in the transaction.

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