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Five Myths About Buying A Home 12-10-2015

In real estate, there are many myths about buying a home. Here are five of the most common and pervasive beliefs.

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Five Myths About Selling A Home 11-12-2015

In real estate, there are endless myths about selling a home. Here are five of the most common and pervasive beliefs.

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A Look at Our "Rolodex" 10-19-2015

Many years ago a local doctor had asked if I knew anyone who could help him with a minor home repair. It led to conversation that concluded with finding him a great handyman as well as a creative contractor to consult with about a potential home improvement.  He was surprised at how much time I was glad to take to help and wondered why I would do that.

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Bloopers During Open Houses and Showings 09-10-2015

Real estate agents have a variety of stories to tell about property showings and open houses. Some of the situations and incidents are so odd they are almost comical, while others have caused concern.

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The ABC's of Contingency Clauses 08-13-2015

The most common contingencies in home purchase contracts involve property investigations, financing and appraisals. It may be useful to briefly consider each of these.

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5 Mistakes Some Sellers Make 07-01-2015

Special to the Palisadian-Post


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How Much Home Can You Really Afford? 06-01-2015

The current real estate market has led to frustration and anxiety for many potential buyers. Having good credit scores, enough funds for down payment, and adequate loan pre-approval is often not enough for them to succeed in buying the ideal home when it comes on the market.

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Why Your Purchase Offer Was Not Accepted 05-01-2015

There are a variety of reasons that buyers’ home purchase offers are not successful.  The price, of course, is most commonly why a seller does not accept a buyer’s offer.  However, it may be worthwhile considering other factors that may be involved. Perhaps another rejection could be avoided, or at least the odds of success increased.

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Homeowners Feel Held Hostage by Taxes 04-01-2015

Each month, my team and I provide complimentary local home value estimates for nearly a dozen homeowners. Many of these owners just want a rough idea of value as part of their overall financial picture for future plans.

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Benefits Of A Seller Pre-Inspection 03-01-2015

One benefit of having a professional inspection done before any prospective buyers see the property is that the seller has the opportunity to do some repairs in advance if they choose.

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